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The world is in an uncertain space: war in Europe, a Covid pandemic that lingers as the virus mutates, inflation accelerates across countries and reserve banks beckon further interest rates as a response.

In South Africa, state worker unions are demanding a 10% wage increase together with other benefits in the current year, Eskom produces less power than the economy need, even at full capacity, thus constraining growth and Moody’s predicts that SA will not be able to contain inflation within the Reserve Bank’s targeted range of 3 to 6%. This does not bode well for economic growth in the face of further interest rate hikes at home.

The question for our partners then is: how does one maximise one’s returns in such a market? The answer must be to provide the market with cost-saving products and services and greater efficiencies.

Giraffe&Co has the solution to assist in this regard, from Office 365 telephony to AudioCodes to Purecom (a cloud-based virtual PABX system with monthly subscriptions that can be tailored for a number of users).

In the high-end market, it would be an optimum time to target those industries that are benefitting from the war in Ukraine such as the commodity producers and the institutions that are funded by the government such as hospitals and schools. Giraffe’s resellers have successfully installed high-end equipment in hospitals and mining companies in the past year.

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