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About Us

Who is Giraffe&Co?

We are a specialist distributor focused on bringing best-in-class technology solutions to Africa. We carefully select quality products from around the world and make them available to African resellers.

We are uniquely positioned to meet our partners’ needs for product expertise, stock availability and efficient logistics so that our resellers can deliver the best possible service, support and solutions to their customers at the lowest possible cost.

We have the in-house technical pre-sales resources necessary to support the success of our partners’ sales operation, and logistical support to deliver hardware and software where it is needed quickly and efficiently.

Company Values

We are committed to transparency and ethical business dealings. This has assisted us in fostering meaningful relationships with our partners to facilitate business success.
Partner Value Creation
We strive to maximize the value we can provide to our partners, enabling them to identify and engage in key growth segments, particularly to those who may not have the resources to identify and develop certain markets on their own.
We focus heavily on providing the highest level of efficiency, always striving to adapt and improve to provide seamless services for our partners.
As a company, we are passionate about technology and its pivotal role in the ever-changing global economy. We therefore select our solutions carefully for the mutual benefit of our stakeholders.
We strive to provide simple solutions to complex problems as the technology environment can be over-whelming. We offer the added benefit of in-house technicians to assist you in developing and optimising the solutions to maximise your potential.
Contact Us

Phone: +27 (0)10 448 8800
Address: 10 Constantia Road, Wynberg, Cape Town, 7800

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